What does fifty look like?


Fifty 350 million-year-old crinoids found one afternoon at the beach50crinoids

Fifty Lake Michigan beach stones50Stones

Fifty craterscraters

Fifty stars among billionsSTARFIELD

I don’t know what fifty looks like yet. I imagine it looks like many things depending on where you are. In 365 days I will be…can I say it? Can I share it? 50. There, I said it. That wasn’t so hard. Now, I simply have to break my habit of telling everyone I’m 29. From today’s vantage point, 50 looks like a number that will describe me in some way, one year from today. As I count down to the beginning of my next fifty years, I set an intention of acknowledging daily an act of creativity that might otherwise go unseen and perhaps forgotten. That is where the reaffirm comes in. We are all the sum total of what we have chosen and what life has chosen for us. Often times, habits of thought lead us to statements like, “I wish I had,” which get in the way of honoring what we have done—and do daily—as creators. It is often in retrospect that we truly “see” what we have made much more than we give ourselves credit for at the time. So happy birthday to me, all that I am, all that I have done, all that I will do, and all that life will do with me!