My sister’s hands on her birthday


I miss you golden girl, cut short of your life girl, sister girl, magic hands girl, endless potential girl, stitched into every pore of me girl…I hope the sun is warm wherever the universe sent you and that only goodness can be born there.

Now I knew I lost her —

Now I knew I lost her —
Not that she was gone —
But Remoteness travelled
On her Face and Tongue.
Alien, though adjoining
As a Foreign Race —
Traversed she though pausing
Latitudeless Place.
Elements Unaltered —
Universe the same
But Love’s transmigration —
Somehow this had come —
Henceforth to remember
Nature took the Day
I had paid so much for —
His is Penury
Not who toils for Freedom
Or for Family
But the Restitution
Of Idolatry.