Freedom Plow

Our Little Towns, ©2014. Freedoms Plow When a man starts out with nothing, When a man starts out with his hands Empty, but clean, When a man starts to build a world, He starts first with himself And the faith that is in his heart- The strength there, The will there to build.First in the… Continue reading Freedom Plow

Daily Bliss

Bliss, ©2014. I had a daily Bliss I had a daily Bliss I half indifferent viewed Till sudden I perceived it stir — It grew as I pursuedTill when around a Height It wasted from my sight Increased beyond my utmost scope I learned to estimate. Emily Dickinson

A Quilt of Glass

Glass Quilt, ©2014. Glass The song sparrow puts all his saying into one repeated song: what variations, subtleties he manages, to encompass denser meanings, I’m too coarse to catch: it’s one song, an over-reach from which all possibilities, like filaments, depend: killing, nesting, dying, sun or cloud, figure up and become song—simple, hard: removed. A.… Continue reading A Quilt of Glass

Her Asterisk

Her Asterisk, ©2014. Ink and paint on photo paper. Of Glory not a Beam is left Of Glory not a Beam is left But her Eternal House – The Asterisk is for the Dead, The Living, for the Stars – EMILY DICKINSON