for my sister[s]


Sarah Figlio, ©2012, 2014. From Be the Beach

Be The Beach

Where the water meets the sky is the constant flux
the perpetual possibility
the made and the remade
the molded and the malleable.

Immense this potential non-lymphate—

Resolve embedded in a body constituted of liquid—
changeable from ice to ether.

Today tranquility moves without effort—
seductive as a nymph.

On these dappled days—
we play.

sprinkles a placid surface arrayed of blues—
delivering tickles to the toes.

Tomorrow feral furor releases bound cloacae.

Gale forces
battering rock to sand,
returning measure for measure
the animus of an unseen, but remembered—
injustice colossal.

On that day we do not trifle
but honor rancor from tempered distance,
in the wake of the urgent reformation,
of the arc—
of your shore.

A cloud passes.
Organum, renewed—
by sapphire

Unfaltering in execution of a diurnal faculty—
turns unfathomable obstacles,
as if a grain of sand.

Transcendent this course, never still,
releasing enchainments of a past,
to alter the instantaneous
and the immemorial.

To you, the waters, and the wild.

Sarah Figlio

Be the Beach was inspired by a summer sojourn to the wild waters on the other side of our great lake. The project was born of my 31 day practice of photographing the moments where the sky meets the water. Please enjoy the ebook or order the print directly from me or through Blurb.

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