Song at Sunset

Song at Sunset, ©2012-13. Oil, ink, powdered pigment on panel with etched glass. Song at Sunset Splendor of ended day floating and filling me, Hour prophetic, hour resuming the past, Inflating my throat, you divine average, You earth and life till the last ray gleams I sing. Open mouth of my soul uttering gladness, Eyes… Continue reading Song at Sunset

The Current’s Ear

The Current’s Ear, ©2013. Unique pigment print on paper. I heard it in my blood, felt you sink and vanish. Their flashlights shone like fireflies. Past the darkling dune, they watched for you after the last lone star was laid to rest and I had turned away. Sarah Figlio ©2013 The Art Of Drowning I… Continue reading The Current’s Ear

Summer Moonlit Garden

Summer Moonlit Garden, ©2013. Ink and oil pastel on paper. Summer midnight joined in circles, phloxes and coneflowers keep rhythm with constellations ’til the sun and moon go down. By dawn light in the water bucket tumbled down petals launch like life rafts crossing the sea of whirling vortices  to rescue the stranded beetles. Sarah Figlio… Continue reading Summer Moonlit Garden

Gold Against Blue

The Only Gold I Ever Cared, ©2013. Oil, ink, on panel with etched glass. PEACE ON EARTH The Archer is wake! The Swan is flying! Gold against blue An Arrow is lying. There is hunting in heaven— Sleep safe till to-morrow. The Bears are abroad! The Eagle is screaming! Gold against blue Their eyes are… Continue reading Gold Against Blue

Drought and barren fields

Barren Black Sun, oil and wax on panel, 6″x6″ inches, ©2012. With all the overflow, one might quickly forget that a summer ago fields were parched and crops were dying, and fruit trees that blossomed in the early warmth bore little fruit after late frosts. The way in which things are not…after a rare and… Continue reading Drought and barren fields