Paris Waits

Sketchbook page, © 2013. Wasn’t this to be the summer we’d travel across the ocean again? Paris—maybe? Italy—maybe? Alas this is not the summer of traveling. It will though be the summer of planning and preparing to move. Tomorrow is the day a new property officially becomes ours and renovations begin. Sometime soon we will… Continue reading Paris Waits

Rain and Green

I have never seen the midwest as green as it is this summer. Rain, rain, and more rainy days, and all is lush, lush, lushy. My rainy day train ride was absolutely color, color, colory. I love this ride from Chicago to southeast Michigan through the annals of American industry between the marshes and the… Continue reading Rain and Green


Crinoid necklace from one season of foraging July on Lake Michigan: tranquil, sparkling days, the full lull before August when the typical increase of rip currents in the southeast make the lake a force to be weary of. On dappled days we play in Caribbean blue water. I snorkel, foraging for crinoids, fossils and geodes—what… Continue reading Forager